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Chris Ascough Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of working with Chris on two, significant global programs. Chris is a consummate professional Project Manager, able to work across boundaries, cultures and geographies. He is a realist in respect to timelines (he will explain how long the project will actually take and give the reasons) and has an ability to recognize issues early and not just report them but come back with solutions. On the personal side Chris has a dry sense of humour and is willing to commit whatever effort is needed to get the job done. I would be delighted if Chris and I had the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

Workstream Lead, AstraZeneca

“Chris led an enterprise project to migrate our staff onto a common network and at the same time upgrade to Windows 10. With over 500 users there was a high probability of business interruption but it all went smoothly. Chris had initiated a really efficient deskside support for preparation of individual accounts, coupled with a great hypercare programme which ensured success. The whole project went exceedingly well and is testament to Chris's experience and leadership.”

Vice-President, Site General Manager, Medimmune

“Chris has a very inclusive approach to project management. He is responsive to business needs and brings in the right participants at appropriate times and encourages the team to work together in a collaborative way. His technical understanding and flexible personal style allow him to have productive conversations across many disciplines. His polite, respectful manner and commitment to doing the right thing is motivating, and his relaxed sense of humour ensures he is enjoyable to work with.”

Information Manager, AstraZeneca

“I know Chris from a joint project that we did for a British client. Chris is methodical and thorough in his approach. He combines the system / technology view with the human considerations while rolling out any system. During the project Chris actively engaged with the technology team and also the business user community to drive adoption.

Great asset for any project !”

CEO, Seclore

“Chris is one of the best Project Managers I've worked with, particularly on those projects which are global and complex in nature.”

Partner, TORI Global

“Chris has been an instrumental member of my team over the last 2.5+ years supporting the delivery planning and change execution of a “best of breed” acquisition integration. Chris was instrumental in leading the transformation of our global Identity and Access model transformation to harmonize two legacy organizations together and following a restructure of our programme team in January 2017, lead our user change deployment efforts for EMEA which involved complex technical/user change throughout 2017. Chris effectively lead a multi-disciplined team across 4 sites involving users and business areas include Manufacturing, R&D and Enabling functions where he catered his stakeholder engagement and delivery methods to established a mutual sense of urgency and importance that brought his stakeholders along on the change journey and ultimately resulted in a delivery that was executed in such a way that following user changes, received glowing praise and feedback on the experience being so positive. It was to this end, that following completion of his team and his efforts, we were able to maintain programme delivery pace by having the EMEA team supplement our US team to support a 5 and final sites’ migrations/transformations in the SF bay area on the US west coast. Following the successful user change through 2017, Chris continued to support post change clean up and process/workflow optimization that allowed our organization to finally realize a single user on boarding process that could also cater for gradual/additional organization change/acquisitions throughout 2018. Chris is a great business partner and change lead and his collaboration and leadership was proved to be an invaluable addition to the team and is well suited to meet the needs of any large scaled, multinational organization.”

Infrastructure Transformation Lead, AstraZeneca

“Chris is a highly competent project manager with a deep understanding of technical and management aspects of complex IT projects. ... he understands all the details of real-life project management and was able to successfully navigate a complex IT project through the political, monetary and capacity constraints of a major international organization. While being a tough negotiator, he is a nice person and a pleasure to work with...”

Director and Board Member, Nagarro, Inc.

“Chris is a pleasure to work with. As a project manager he has a no nonsense approach and focuses on getting stuff done, with excellent communication skills, ensuring that stakeholders are well informed and engaged, and that the project team is clear on what is expected of them. Chris has a good understanding of organisation and process as well as technology.”

Freelance Information Security Specialist

“[Chris] is highly skilled, diligent and insightful, bringing many innovative ideas to the table. His interpersonal skills allowed him an "under the skin" view of issues from internal staff - and to deliver C-level presentations that allowed us to change the way that we operated organisationally. He is clear, concise and driven to deliver.”

Service Centre Manager, Network Rail

“Chris worked as a Product Manager in Data Delivery and was able to provide real value to the business in a complex part of the organisation, providing excellent external insight, whilst being conscious of and managing the internal structure and relationships required to get the job done.”

Customer Proposition Manger, Commodities and Energy, Reuters

“Chris was the Project Manager at AstraZeneca for evaluating and implementing Seclore's Rights Management solution - FileSecure. His approach has always been systematic and methodical.

He is extremely resourceful. Knows the right person for the right job. That's a great quality for a project manager. He had to work with a lot of different teams within AstraZeneca for integrating this solution within existing AstraZeneca infrastructure and processes. Chris guided the project team including folks at Seclore through this to successfully launch the project.

Chris also followed a very systematic approach in evangelizing the solution within AstraZeneca. His monthly newsletters were very well drafted and informative.

It's been a great pleasure working with Chris”

CTO, Seclore

“[Chris] combined his highly competent business skills and professional approach with lots of common sense analysis and effective solutioning.”

Head of Business Systems, Network Rail

“Chris has good attention to detail and brings a great deal of ideas to a project. His calm and assured approach allows for any project. His able to detail financials to make sure budgets are adhered too. Chris is able to challenge third parties and technical teams to get the best for the project.

Chris is reliable, punctual and personable and became a valued member of the team and department. Chris was able to adapt to local portfolio and program management processes and has shown an ability to work with others well in order to get answers needed. He was fundamental in helping produce a business case for the program of $68m that has been approved for the end of the year.

Chris showed he was able to work at director level within AstraZeneca and has proved himself a competent program manager able to handle million dollar budgets.”

Senior Architect, AstraZeneca

“Chris is a significantly skilled project leader at the higher levels of delivery. He is an able analyst and a most cogent reader of situations and organisational need. Intellectually he is thoughtful, resourceful and results focused.”

Senior Consultant, Fort Chapard

“...Chris provided the top level project management... He is pro-active, thorough and resourceful. His attention to detail and delivery are exemplary.”

Partner, TORI Global

“Chris is one of the best managers I have met and worked with. Highly organized, great and very good colleague. Ambitious professional who manages project team with successful results. That's him - proactive strategist and has got a very positive attitude towards work.”

Enterprise Security Specialist

“...Chris expertly delivered concise, measured appraisals of both Service and Process to provide a framework on which to build a successful Service Transition. Engaging staff at all levels to ensure a full lifecycle view of work-packages, Chris' final report was a pivotal piece of work that kick started a 9 month transition.”

Helpdesk Manager, Network Rail

“Chris provided insightful and common sense analysis during his engagement and did this in a competent and professional way.”

Head of Application Support Group, Network Rail

Download a copy of Chris’s C.V.

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