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Deploying a Cloud Solution Case Study


The client was the Central IT Security department of a major pharmaceutical company.

The security group was undertaking a major programme of change to identity, access and related systems. The programme objective was to bring systems up to date and deliver services via the cloud in order to facilitate secure collaboration with partners and ongoing mergers and acquisitions activity.

Our brief was to select and deploy an Information Rights Management (IRM) service across the organisation that should be available to client staff and collaborators alike. The service was to be provided via the "cloud" in order to meet programme objectives. It was agreed that the solution should introduce no new "repositories" and should be primarily user managed.

What We Did

Initially we worked with a subject matter expert to identify the IRM requirements and to survey the products available in the market. Requirements were issued in the form of an RFI, the responses to which were used to develop a shortlist. Shortlisted vendors were invited to present their product and demonstrate its capabilities against a set of use cases. From this process a suitable product was selected.

No fully cloud-based product was available at the time therefore deploying the selected product as a cloud service posed a number of technical challenges:

With the technical issues of the deployment resolved, the main challenge for the project was service development and introduction. Rights management was a new concept for user departments, most of which perceived no pressing need for the service (primarily because adoption was voluntary and not mandated).


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