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Operational Development Case Study


The client is a major transport infrastructure provider with a wide range of complex systems and a user base of around 20,000 staff.

The client’s Service Support group (ITSS) was perceived, by both the department and end users, as delivering neither acceptable levels of support nor value for money.

The brief was to review the whole of the Service Support group, understand what actually happens and who does what (“as is” analysis), develop an objective measure of the performance of the group and plan a series of incremental changes to develop a single, consistent support model across the individual teams making up ITSS.

What We Did

Zeroarena performed an initial People, Process & Technology assessment through interviews with the ITSS management team, stakeholders, other key staff and representatives from related or dependant parts of the organisation. We also undertook a statistical assessment of such performance data as was available against industry averages and targets.

We identified that: there was little objective data with which to confirm or deny the poor perception of the group, the management team was demoralised and the group was an agglomeration of historically disparate functions and therefore had few common processes or policies.

We resolved, with the agreement of the project sponsor, to focus on delivering a stable base, including a clear strategy, common processes and united management team, from which the group could move forward towards a more formalised, in-depth restructuring.

This programme involved:


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